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Progressive Democratic Women’s Caucus PAC Candidate Endorsement Process


                           Our Mission: 

                           The purpose of PDWC and PDWC PAC PAC is engaging progressive democratic women in the political

                           process by educating, mentoring, networking, recruiting, endorsing, fundraising, and advocating for

                           issues.  We share the values of equality of women, common wealth for the common good and

                           progressive democratic social and political values.


  • We reserve the right to endorse or not to endorse a candidate.

  • We promote progressive Democratic women and/or male candidates who support our values.

  • We can endorse in both primary and general elections whenever we decide it is appropriate and helpful.

  • We post blank questionnaires on the PDWC Facebook and Website or provide paper copy to those who request one.

  • We may interview candidates as needed.

  • An endorsement may or may not include a donation.

  • Recommendations are made by the Screening and Endorsement subject to the approval of the PDWC Board of Directors.


Contact us via email at: for more information.  

A word about Progressive Democratic Women’s Caucus-PAC and PACs


Progressive Democratic Women’s Caucus-PAC (PDWC-PAC) is an independent, non-affiliated political action committee (PAC). Like all PACs, PDWC-PAC engages in a variety of fundraising activities and pools monetary contributions from members and other donors to contribute to candidates who share its goals and to support legislation that furthers its priorities.


Affiliated PACs are established by organizations – e.g., businesses, trade groups, unions. In contrast, non-affiliated PACs like ours are formed by groups of like-minded people who share an ideological mission and don’t accept corporate money. As a non-affiliated PAC, we may endorse candidates in primary and general elections.


While campaigns have limits on the amount of money they can accept from individuals, PACs may make larger contributions. Also, PACs may accept unlimited donations from members and donors and pool those resources to better support candidates and issues. As a result, PDWC-PAC can have a greater impact on elections and public policy.

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