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There are many ways for you to get involved with us!

Helping Hands
First Time Membership

Our members provide necessary support for candidates to run successful campaigns.


Once candidates are elected it is important to continue to support the issues important to the organization.   

Women putting trash in a trash bag

Whether it's registering people to vote, making calls on behalf of candidates or legislation, or attending rallies, there are many ways you can contribute your time and talent.

Dollar Bills

Proceeds assist in the elevation, innovation and operation of our organization and the candidate campaigns that we support.

Stand Up Meeting

Monthly meetings are a great way to stay connected with other members, be informed about current and upcoming events, and get involved in making a difference on important issues.

2nd Mondays


770 Terrace St, 49440

Go Vote Flyers

If you are a candidate, seeking our endorsement and support, contact us.

We support Democratic Male and Female candidates whose views correlate with our values and the pursuit of women's equality.

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